Stress Management for the Holidays re-cap


Do you get stressed out during the holidays? Feel overwhelmed? Do you always get run down? Can’t seem to get rid of that cold? Want to make sure you’re not sick this winter?

Well, our November meeting was a wealth of information to help reduce stress and stay well during the holidays and throughout this winter. Thanks to our 3 speaker panel, we were able to learn some great tips, techniques, and advice on how to keep calm, happy, and healthy.


One of the biggest points that was stressed by all of our speakers was the importance of taking care of oneself, of prioritizing what is truly important and allowing other things to go on the back burner. The holidays are not about how much you can do, but what you may enjoy and to relish those moments rather than get stress out, burned out, and ill because you can’t do “enough”. Everything is good in moderation. To overindulge in anything may cause imbalances – even the good things (such as exercise may cause your body stress if over done). Maintain your nutrition, moderate exercise, and make sure to take time out for yourself. These simple things will help maintain your health and enjoyment of the holidays.


Ayurveda teaches us how to harness the healing power of nature through our food and lifestyle choices, natural herbs, yoga, pranayama, meditation and bodywork therapies.

According to Ayurveda, aligning our personal care habits with the cycles of the day and the seasons helps nature to support our natural immunity. For instance, in the Fall and Winter it gets dark earlier and stays dark longer – a cue from nature that winter is a time meant for more rest, not less!

Establishing and sticking to a routine of regular meals, regular exercise, regular bed times and waking times, and daily meditation goes a long way to inform the body that it can trust us to give it what it needs. This reduces stress on our organs and systems; the body relaxes and our experience of life becomes more easeful and less chaotic!

In addition, favoring warm, soupy, well-cooked foods in the winter time supports our digestive strength and eases the process of assimilation and absorption of nutrients. Raw and cold foods – especially cold icy drinks – wreak havoc on our digestive fire and make the routine task of digesting our food an overwhelmingly difficult chore for the body!

For women, honor the menstrual cycle!!! Symptoms, pain, or emotional turmoil experienced during the cycle indicate underlying stress and imbalance. Take time and create space for yourself to listen to your body and reflect – ask yourself, how do my symptoms reflect the overall picture of my health at this time? Rest during the first few days of the menstrual period, especially if you feel tired (at the very least, do less – listen to your body!). This is a great time to pamper yourself, reflect, and journal your insights!

Meditation – or simply sitting quietly – for 5 minutes every morning and evening goes a long way to train the body to stay calm and at ease, even when faced with stress. This is training for life! By setting the intention to turn inward and calm ourselves regularly, conducting our life from a place of calm composure can become the rule rather than the exception. What an amazing benefit for just 10 minutes of effort a day!


Jennifer Moiles
Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner,Power Vinyasa Yoga Instructor
Twitter ID:  @peacegoodeating








Homeopathy stimulates the body’s own healing ability to restore health. The main principles of homeopathy are the law of similars, the totality of the person, and the minimum dose.

Taking basic care of oneself is the first step to staying healthy during the holidays. Eating well, exercising, rest, and hygiene are vital to maintaining health. Remember, there is a season for everything and sometimes  it’s OK to get ill for our immune system to be stimulated by the challenge of illnesses.




  • To prevent colds, there are some homeopathic remedies that might be utilized: Oscillococcinum and Influenzinum – take 1/wk for 4 wks or 1/month thru season or 2 times, 1 month apart at the beginning of the season.
  • If you feel a cold coming on – Oscillococcinum is effective, particularly taken in the 1st 24hrs of symptoms. Take 5 pellets, repeat every 2 hrs/5 times.  It’s really important to stop if you feel improvement and only repeat if the symptoms return.  It’s also really important to stop after 5 doses if you don’t see improvement.
  • When you already have symptoms – Cell Salts: Ferrum Phosphoricum, 3x-6x for initial onset of fever/cold type conditions, Kali Muriaticum, 3x-6x for further progressed stages where runny nose, congestion has begun but is still clear, or Kali Sulfuricum, 3x-6x where the discharges have become yellow and the ears are full or painful.  These are taken according to bottle instructions.

Stress Reducers

  • Rescue Remedy – couple drops on each wrist and rub in
  • Grief stress – often times, during the holidays, grief is a common feeling – missing loved ones, etc. Ignatia Amara 30C and Natrum Muriaticum 30C may help
  • to reduce over stimulation – try Coffea Cruda 6C or 30C



Mary Jo Aloi, CCH, RSHom(NA)
Certified Classical Homeopath



Chiropractic Care
Regular family chiropractic care can help you, and is safe for your children. Chiropractic care focuses on your body’s own innate healing force.

Stress can be a positive and a negative – remember that everything may be good in moderation! choose what is important to you during the holidays. Don’t put health on the back burner. Create time management – establishing good routines.

Your nervous system mediates your body responses. Chiropractic Care – not only helps with back, neck pain, or injuries – but can help with your overall health. By optimizing your own system, you are better to adapt and maintain your health. We only feel approximately 10% of our bodies. The other 90% is functional, that we don’t feel. A cavity in your tooth is a perfect example of this. Subluxation is another of those conditions that degrade your function over time sometimes with very few symptoms. Chiropractic Care views your system and ensures there are no blockages, so your body is better able to adapt. Tools and technology is used to see what may be adjusted to create the best balance for your body. It is completely individualized so that you may get the best results.




Jennifer Rozenhart, DC
Certified 100 Year Lifestyle Provider
Rozenhart Family Chiropractic
4620-B Meridian Avenue
San Jose, Ca 95124

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