Annual Open House

October 3rd @ 7pm at the Cambrian Branch Library, 1780 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose, 95124

Are You Looking for Others Who Share Your Passions…
Living Green. Whole Foods. Organic. Non Toxic Living. Holistic Healing. Attachment Parenting. Nutrition. Creating Balance. Breastfeeding. Allergies. Stress Reduction. Positive Discipline. Holistic Education. Health.

Discover what Holistic Moms Network of San Jose is all about! Our open house is a special, annual event where we invite everyone to get to know our members and community. We will be having a potluck, a make and take, and win some great prizes, including a free one year membership and some other amazing prizes!

3 Common Mistakes Busy Moms Make That Keep Them Sick, Tired, & Stressed Out..and What They Can Do About It!

September 5th @ 7pm at the Cambrian Branch Library, 1780 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose, 95124

Parenthood is one of the most beautiful rites of passage in our lives. It is one of the fastest ways that we grow personally, yet it can also age us quickly if we find ourselves out of balance with fatigue, anxiety, and stress.

Join HMN San Jose and Tomasa Macapinlac, a pioneer in self-care and sharing effective tools. With 20yrs of experience in Asian Bodyworks Therapy and initiation as a Shaman, Tomasa helps add years to your life span, while taking years off your faces (all without potions, lotions, or knives!).

  • What you can do to energize yourself in 30 seconds or less
  • An easy hands-on tool to help you surrender to all your responsibilities and still get everything accomplished
  • The compelling reason why you want to stop making these mistakes that will ensure you are around to see your kids grow up
  • How to keep your cool when your buttons are pushed

Yes, it’s time to move beyond nutrition and exercise….to go deeper…and give yourself the care that increases your body’s life span and takes years off your age!

August Meeting: Super Smoothie Sensations

August 1st @ 7pm at the Cambrian Branch Library, 1780 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose, 95124

Want an easy way to add more veggies and fruit to your diet, while being yummy and filling?

Join HMN San Jose while we taste test a variety of smoothie recipes – both non-dairy and dairy options available. This will be a fun tasting where we’ll discuss the benefits of smoothies and taste test to see what recipes work for us.

May Meeting: Discover Energy Healing

May 2nd @ 7pm at the Cambrian Branch Library, 1780 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose, 95124

Join HMN San Jose and Gitanjali Hemp, a master energy healer, as she offers a fun, insightful and interactive experience and introduces us to the world of energy healing and the realm of the subtle body. You will learn some basic energy healing tools, techniques and principals to use with your children. She will address preventative care, behavioral and health issues and will cater the focus of the night towards the needs and the interests of the people who attend.

Gitanjali brings 20 years of study and training with healers and masters from some of the world’s richest traditions and most cutting edge healing modalities. She has spent 18 years in active practice, both as a practitioner and teacher: leading retreats, workshops, 18-month professional training’s, virtual courses and facilitating ceremonies and Women’s Groups. Gitanjali Hemp is the founder of Syntara System, a deeply integrative, evolutionary energy healing modality that awakens consciousness, inspiring sustainable change. Through it she works with clients and students to help them cultivate awareness of their subtle body and most sacred selves, increasing their capacity for meaningful contribution and fulfilling expression in their relationships, lives and work.

December Meeting: Holiday Potluck & DIY Bath Salts

December 6th @ 7pm at the Cambrian Branch Library, 1780 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose, 95124

Join HMN San Jose in celebrating the holidays!

HMN San Jose will be hosting their annual potluck and recipe swap PLUS everyone attending will be able to make bath salts to take home!

October Meeting: Annual Open House

open house

October 4th @ 7pm at the Cambrian Branch Library, 1780 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose, 95124

Join HMN San Jose at our annual open house. Meet like minded people, enjoy yummy snacks, and learn more about a variety of holistic topics!

A make and take bonus: essential oil roll ons. Make a roll on tube with whatever oils you choose. We will have simple recipes to make first aid (tea tree based), sinus (eucalyptus based) and soothing (lavender based) ones.

Please join us and invite your friends and family!

HMN San Jose Homeschool Co-op Open House


HMN SJ Homeschool Co-op Open House
August 9th at 11am
Shareworld Learning Center, 21601 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino

Discover a way for your homeschool children to learn and explore with like-minded families, but still retain your ability to homeschool the way you want!

Our Homeschool Co-op is a way for families to get together, pool resources, encourage our kids to learn and discover new perspectives, and have fun doing it! All activities are hands on, play based, and focus on STEM/STEAM with enough variety to interest all learners. Join us at our open house to learn more.

HMN San Jose’s Homeschool Co-op
Tuesdays 10am to 2pm from Sept 13th to Dec 13th
Pre-K/Kinder program and 1st – 6th grade program available

Optional class offered for 1st-6th graders: Play chess with Bay Area Chess, from beginner to advanced! Sessions are 10am to 11am

Some highlights of what we’ll be offering:
·         Pre-K/Kinder program & 1st-6th grade program
·         Each group will meet separately for the morning
·         Pre-K/Kinders will learn shape, number, letters and writing through hands on activities and art
·         1st-6th graders will have an (optional) chess class and STEM/STEAM hands on activities
·         All kids will come together in the afternoon for a life skills lesson (cooking, sewing, etc) and art

August Meeting: Great Lunch Ideas

bag lunch
August 2nd @ 7pm at the Cambrian Branch Library, 1780 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose, 95124

Do you dread making lunches?
Wonder who has time to put a yummy and nutritious lunch together before heading out the door?

Sometimes, the worst part about waking up in the morning is figuring out how to make an enjoyable lunch with the time we have before heading out the door!

If that’s you – join HMN San Jose as we discuss how to put together lunches that are quick, easy AND still yummy and nutritious! This will be a great meeting where we’ll have tips, recipes, and suggestions on how to handle the dreaded bag lunch and still have time in the morning. Feel free to bring any ideas and recipes you have – we will all be sharing.

June Meeting: Homeschooling


June 14 @ 7pm at the Cambrian Branch Library, 1780 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose, 95124

Have you considered homeschooling, but aren’t sure it’s right for you?
Looking for ways to supplement your child’s education at home?

Join the Holistic Moms Network of San Jose for a round table discussion of seasoned homeschoolers. Come and discover how different moms homeschool their kids, find out valuable tips, and gain knowledge and resources. Even if you do not homeschool, this will be a great meeting to discover ideas and activities that might interest any child. This will be a great discussion with lots of Q & A time.

There will also be a homeschool swap – where attendees may bring or take any materials/books/items.

The picture is from our HMN Homeschool Co-op!

March Meeting: An Unbiased Look at Vaccine

April 5th @ 7pm at the Cambrian Branch Library, 1780 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose, 95124

There is a world-wide conversation about vaccines taking place now.
Yet there is confusion on how vaccines work and what they actually do.

 Join HMN San Jose and Elliot Freed in an unbiased, informative discussion about vaccines. Using scientific data and medical facts, Elliot Freed will discuss the history of infectious disease and the science of vaccines and how they affect the body.

Elliot Freed has worked as a medical editor, both in China and the U.S.  He has taught Chinese medicine at his alma mater in San Francisco, The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and given seminars at UCSF and Bastyr University.  He had a private medical practice in Sonoma County, California for six years where his specialty was difficult cases.  More recently he has been traveling, researching and writing, and continues to consult on difficult or unusual cases around the world.