HMN San Jose Homeschool Co-op Open House


HMN SJ Homeschool Co-op Open House
August 9th at 11am
Shareworld Learning Center, 21601 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino

Discover a way for your homeschool children to learn and explore with like-minded families, but still retain your ability to homeschool the way you want!

Our Homeschool Co-op is a way for families to get together, pool resources, encourage our kids to learn and discover new perspectives, and have fun doing it! All activities are hands on, play based, and focus on STEM/STEAM with enough variety to interest all learners. Join us at our open house to learn more.

HMN San Jose’s Homeschool Co-op
Tuesdays 10am to 2pm from Sept 13th to Dec 13th
Pre-K/Kinder program and 1st – 6th grade program available

Optional class offered for 1st-6th graders: Play chess with Bay Area Chess, from beginner to advanced! Sessions are 10am to 11am

Some highlights of what we’ll be offering:
·         Pre-K/Kinder program & 1st-6th grade program
·         Each group will meet separately for the morning
·         Pre-K/Kinders will learn shape, number, letters and writing through hands on activities and art
·         1st-6th graders will have an (optional) chess class and STEM/STEAM hands on activities
·         All kids will come together in the afternoon for a life skills lesson (cooking, sewing, etc) and art

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