May 4th Meeting: Holistic, Yet Frugal: Living Well on a Budget

As mindful moms shopping on a budget, making the transition to holistic living can seem like a monumental investment in time and money.  As our standards for quality and healthfulness go up, so, it seems, do the associated price tags.  With creativity and a like-minded community, the budget barrier to living well can be overcome.  Keeping your home and family healthy need not leave your bank account in the red.

Join us for our May meeting to learn the techniques of frugally financing a holistic lifestyle.  Co-leader and bargain finder extraordinaire, Jennifer Oh, will present her extensive bag of tricks and lead the discussion to follow.  Please bring your own ideas to contribute.  Bring a friend to this meeting — especially the ones who are afraid to enter “Whole Paycheck” for fear of losing their life savings.  We can help!

**Please note that this meeting is taking place at the Rozenhart Family Chiropractic Offices since our Library Community Room is unavailable this month.

See you Tuesday!

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