HMN San Jose Moms Weekend Out

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From April 12-14th, 8 lovely members (1 member left before the picture was taken) from HMN San Jose went to Mt Madonna for a getaway. We rented a Yurt – which we highly recommend. We wanted to get back to nature, relax, yet be comfortable and have the trip be affordable. The Yurt was fantastic!

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This is our idea of roughing it! Chapter member, Christina Byard (who is also the Chapter leader of the Tri City Chapter), led an amazing wine tasting. As a Certified Master Sommelier, she was able to really give us in depth information regarding wines, tasting them, and what to look for in clarity, smell, and balance. It was awesome! To top it off, it was her birthday (hence the yummy cake in the middle of the table).

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This is us enjoying a hike (it was supposed to be a leisurely walk, but was too uphill to be considered anything but a hike!).

But most of the time, we sat by the fire. We wanted to give everyone who came a true vacation – so Deadra and I (Both of us are the chapter leaders) did most of the cooking. We enjoyed Steaks, baked potatoes, grilled veggies, chili, almond pancakes, and – of course – homemade s’mores (homemade marshmallows and graham crackers – both gluten free and regular). No skimping for us!

It was a fantastic time of relaxing, hanging out, and just being free to enjoy ourselves and our time.

Now we’re just wondering when we should do it again!


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