September Meeting: Getting Organized with The Mommy Coach

Tuesday, September 4th at 7pm, Cambrian Branch Library, 1780 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose, CA

Do you wish you could be more organized? Do you always feel rushed in the morning? Or wonder how to get dinner on the table?

Join the Holistic Moms Network of San Jose and The Mommy’s Coach and Organization Specialist, Carrie Vawter Yousfi, as she shows us how to manage responsibilities of a busy home and family life. This workshop is packed with time saving home tips for both working and stay at home moms designed to keep you confident, in control, and calm.

Learn “At-Your-Fingertips” Organizational Strategies busy Moms can implement in their home the same day or in the following weeks, going at their own pace to fit their personal goals. Participants focus on the three biggest struggles for Moms: getting out the door on time every day, serving dinner in 30 minutes and conquering paper clutter.

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