Naschmarkt Restaurant: A Moms Night Out Review

February’s Moms Night Out: Naschmarkt Restaurant, 384 E Campbell Ave, in Downtown Campbell.

It’s been awhile since our last review, but thankfully we’ve been having Moms Nights Out every month for over a year! I’ve always enjoyed our evenings and keeping tabs of the restaurants we’ve gone to with these posts and decided we need to start doing them again!

Naschmarkt Restaurant is an Austrian restaurant that features some amazing dishes. As usual, we had a great evening!

4 HMN Members – though only 3 rated the restaurant, as one member had to leave before dessert was served (which we forgave because she had just returned from a trip to Germany)

Scale is up to 5 stars

4 stars for ambiance
This restaurant is a bit loud, but not too bad. Contemporary, Black & White design, but with touches of natural elements.

3.5 stars for service
The waiter was conversational and entertaining, but not the most attentive. One of our members tried to order a glass of wine for 10 minutes before he took her order (he was having so much fun telling us a story, which was cute, but a drinks a drink and moms need one!)

4.5 stars for food
The food was excellent. Everyone enjoyed their meal. 2 of the members are German and they felt it was very good, a twist on the typical cuisine. Overall it was very lecker (yummy in German)!

3 out of 3 would recommend this restaurant.

Overall, a great place and we would definitely all go back!

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